Hello, I'm Graham Nardone! This may not appear to be your typical portfolio, but I like to think that it's a reflection of who I am - an energetic individual that is passionate about my work!

     Currently I'm a Producer with Electronic Arts at their headquarters in Redwood City, California. As a member of The Sims team since 2009, my primary responsibility is overseeing feature production and ensuring that we make the best possible products for our players that are both fun to play and well polished. Additionally I've written a number of designs that were implemented in various Sims 3 expansion packs, and have even created in-game content such as some of the tombs in The Sims 3 World Adventures. Having formerly managed the assets pipeline, I still enjoy writing whimsical text for our objects catalog as a guilty pleasure. I'm currently working with our talented world team to generate exciting new environments for our players to live in. Most recently I've taken a role in the PR and marketing side of production, having traveled across Europe promoting The Sims 3 Generations to press and meeting many of our wonderful fans!

     Prior to accepting my position at EA, I spent two years working as a Compliance Specialist at Voliton Inc., one of THQ's premier development studios. I am well versed in Microsoft and Sony standards, and led the compliance team for projects across multiple platforms.

     Additional interests of mine include level design; you can view many examples of my independant work within the portfolio section of this website. I've been a member of the development teams for well known mods such as the original Counter-Strike, and the more recent Goldeneye: Source.